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Hi, I’m Jessi

I always had this vision for what my career would look like until I had my daughter, Elle. Overnight, my desire to reach for the next rung on the ladder began to fade away. The identity shift that came after that was not something I was prepared for as I questioned who I was, what I wanted out of life, and what impact I wanted to have on others.

Having Elle woke me up to the idea that it’s up to me to design my own life, how I spend my time, what matters to me, and where I want to place my energy.

On my journey of self-discovery, the support of my community and being around like-minded individuals played a pivotal role. The desire to connect with others who were navigating their own transformative journeys ignited a fire within me – a fire fueled by the belief that our stories have the power to inspire, resonate, and transform.

I invite you to join me in embracing the beauty of life’s transformations, celebrating the power of choice, and crafting a new definition of success.

Society tells us there is only one definition of success

Climbing the professional ladder, being financially independent, and hustling to get there.

You have to do it all: be a great employee, a great partner, and a great mother. Make it look easy, and don’t forget to smile.

Habituelle Life and Leadership Coaching exists to create an empowering and transformative community, united in the shared belief that women deserve to redefine success on their own terms and remind them that as life evolves, so can their goals.

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I am here to tell you that it’s okay

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