Start climbing the ladder that is designed for you

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Imagine a life where you're in control and feeling fulfilled

Listening to societal narratives often leads to a sense of guilt, self-doubt, burnout, and a lack of fulfillment as we lose sight of our own individuality and unique journey.

Gone are the days of chasing after someone else’s version of success. Instead, picture a journey where you set the pace, where every step forward resonates with your personal ambitions. Whether it’s in your career, your relationships, or your personal growth, this is your ladder to define and your ladder to climb.

Habituelle offers two coaching options to guide you through your personal evolution:

1. One-on-One coaching

with Jessi Sheridan

One-on-One coaching offers individualized coaching sessions to help you to set and achieve your goals. In-person One-on-One coaching takes place at The Fitler Club in Philadelphia, PA.
Offered in-person or virtual

2. Inner Circles

Habituelle's Group Coaching Community

A 12-month in-person group coaching program guiding women through their evolution with a curated curriculum, propelling each woman to redefine success. Inner Circles meets once per month for 90 minutes at The Fitler Club in Philadelphia, PA.
Offered in-person 

Through one-on-one coaching and the Inner Circle coaching community, women have the opportunity to experience individualized coaching and the support of like-minded, ambitious women who are also on their journey to redefining success and designing the life of their dreams.

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Curious about coaching?

Let’s connect to talk through how coaching can serve you as you set and achieve your personal and professional goals.

In your free 30-minute virtual consultation call, we will spend time discussing your challenges, how Habituelle Life and Leadership Coaching can support you, and the power of investing in yourself.

On this call you will have the opportunity to:

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It’s easy to say, “I’ll figure it out.” But the struggle is real.

It’s easy to spend money on other “self-care” methods. But a massage can only get you so far.

It’s easy to put off your own needs so you can support the needs of others. But burnout happens.

By investing in yourself and doing the inner work, you can rewrite the definition of success.


Habituelle Life & Leadership Coaching may be a fit for you if: