In this consideration from author Candace Johnson, you will have the opportunity to reflect on the power of connection.

What is the purpose of our power?

To my left and right, we are seemingly, in fact, everywhere. We sleep in the bedrooms where They peacefully awake. Check the bathrooms when They are done. We are in the boardrooms, in some fashion. Yoked in opportunity. The elusive dangling carrot. 

Regardless of our positions as sister, wife, boss or employee, I observe us to be intrinsically attached to them. (Girlfriend, hidden lover and parent are categorized under “sister” and/or “employee.”) We are influential, in theory. However, I dare ask. WHY ARE WE SO OVERRUN?

Here are some questions I’ve acknowledged in my personal and professional quest:

  • Can I stare into my own eyes sprouted with self-love and devoted satisfaction? 
  • Do I experience pleasures of my mind-body connection? Do I coupon my joy, offering it infectiously to the world in my unique way? 
  • Do I speak up when moments are awarded to me? Instigated or otherwise. How about when I’m not benefiting directly?

The consequence of Formation.

Listening to Beyonce’s “Formation” while watching a reformer pilates group class video, I am reminded that together we are mesmerizing. Beautiful and strong. I notice the sensation of calm watching bodies move in unison. Sequentially exploring community support when weakness presents. Resurrected by examples of excellence and perseverance. We are undefeatable TOGETHER. However, I dare ask. ARE WE ON THE SAME TEAM?

  • What/Who is the competition? Am I competing? Who made up the rules? Am I destructive? Am I kind? Can I welcome the response of the previous two questions from people I trust? 
  • Am I guided by experiences or advice? How does that method serve me best? Do I know safety? 
  • Do I coupon joy infectiously for others? Are people happy/happier in proximity to me? Even for a moment.  How so? How more so?

Imagine the turn of events if we looked each other in the eyes, and asked this most fundamentally transformative question, “What do YOU need to be well?” A question just powerful enough to barter judgment for understanding. Seeds of peace. Hypothesized and proven effective. Especially so, when the entire community is entirely accounted for. Able to collectively offer our individual greatest gifts, talents, strengths and blessings.


This article is short because you have questions to answer. Address each one thoughtfully now. Consider embracing when we are together. 

Consider playing when we are smiling.

Consider TOUCHY/FEELY intimacy card game. 

My fun gift to you.

Because, for always, WE ARE CONNECTED.

CANDACE JOHNSON founded GOOSHY CANDY LLC in 2021, with the objective to promote quality adult play and inclusivity. Aside from her daily role as CEO, Candace is also the mastermind behind TOUCHY/FEELY intimacy card game. Previously, Johnson was an acclaimed television producer for a top news network. During her decade with Fox News Corp, she launched 3 series, in 3 separate states. Desperate for a mental break, Candace left her high-pressure position at the height of the pandemic to establish her own foundation. GOOSHY CANDY IS THE PATHWAY TO PLEASURE.

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