New Year, New Goals

In this post from author Brea Stover, you will have the opportunity to consider four ways that goal setting can improve your life.

The New Year is often equated with resolutions, goals, and the idea of starting anew. While putting pen to paper and writing out a list of physical goals was not something I gravitated to, my first real estate mentor was fanatical about it. He was the first person who not only encouraged, but dare I say, required, me to start each year with a set of (usually very lofty) goals. Though the practice felt strange to me at first, I am now ten years into my career as a realtor, and I have not only seen the tremendous benefit that comes from setting goals, but have also begun to genuinely appreciate the exercise.

Your Goals Can Evolve

My initial avoidance to goal setting was that it felt very final, very intimidating. I didn’t want to fail. Not achieving a goal could only be considered a failure, right? What I have come to realize and embrace is that goals are actually not meant to be set in stone. When used effectively, they are fluid, and they can (and should) evolve over time.

Adjust As You Go

Goals should not be set on January 1st, and then never looked at until December 31st. When we check in on them regularly, we can track our progress, we can adjust them, we can allow them to push ourselves or see how far we’ve come. They are something we should interact with frequently, just like we would go about setting an intention for our day or week.

Four Ways Goal Setting Can Improve Your Life

As a busy mom of two, here are 4 ways goal setting can improve your life:

Clarity and Prioritization

While I am innately motivated, I was admittedly a little chaotic about my “goals.” But taking time to intentionally write down specific, measurable goals provides clarity about what you want to achieve. If you are a mom, your time is precious and this will help you focus your time, energy, and resources on activities that align with your most important objectives.


If you struggle with self-motivating, goals are an extremely important source of motivation – and staying that way! Even the most driven people benefit from a well-defined goal. Again, by making it a habit to check in with these goals on a regular basis, you will find renewed motivation to keep pushing forward. Goals can act as a mini reset when you find yourself losing focus. 


Setting measurable goals allows you to track your progress and evaluate your performance. This helps you stay accountable and make necessary adjustments to your actions or strategies to ensure you are on track. Is there something that worked for you or didn’t work for you? If not, take this opportunity to course correct. Do not get stuck on the idea that you need to do the same thing for the next six months if you have six months of a proven track record that this did not work. Give yourself permission to switch gears. 


Finally, goals push you to step outside your comfort zone and strive for continuous improvement. This can feel particularly daunting, and you may have years when you exceed your goals, and you might have years where you fall short. Challenge yourself to create a healthy mix of goals you know you’ll be able to achieve, as well as some stretch targets. Choose one or two things that seem near impossible; you might surprise yourself. As women, we too often put ourselves in smaller boxes, when we should be shooting for the stars. 

Final Thoughts

As we embark on this new year, let’s embrace the power of goal setting as a transformative tool for our lives. Remember, goals are not rigid benchmarks; they are dynamic guides meant to evolve and adapt with us. By regularly revisiting our goals, we gain clarity, stay motivated, track our progress, and foster growth. The process is not about perfection but about continuous improvement and self-discovery. Here’s to a year filled with purpose, progress, and the pursuit of our loftiest dreams!

About Brea Stover

Brea Stover is a licensed realtor serving the Greater Philadelphia region. A firm believer that being in the business of “people” will never go out of style, Brea treats her clients with compassion and provides unparalleled attention to detail and tenacious negotiating skills. She believes in the value of home ownership as a vehicle toward financial freedom and wellness.

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